We are getting ready

Previously I have posted some information about the project and what plans I had in mind but today I decided to deactivate those posts and start it from scratch.

I have purchased the tillseemann.com domain in 2014 with big plans and really optimistic expectations. Since that time I was continuously developing my idea and I was desperate to start my project which actually never really happened until now. This project slowly became something more than I ever expected therefore I had to change my plans on a weekly basis. Today I decided to finally take action and start to setup the webshop and all related services. I have chosen my provider and the shop.tillseemann.com is already online.

Daniel – who was first my contractor – agreed to join the project and help me out with his designer/illustrator skills. We are currently working on our first products and I still have to clarify the math behind the shop but I truly believe that we are getting really close to the first shipments.

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